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Start Simple

Starting a fund is a time consuming and convoluted process. We make it as simple as possible by fusing the power of our logic engines with the insight of our fund structuring team - allowing you to focus on the fun and exciting parts of starting and running a VC fund.

By choosing to work with us, you leave the tough stuff to us while our team cracks on with making it happen.

Onboard Your Investors in a Flash

We've digitised as much of the onboarding process as possible, meaning that you're only held up by the speed of your internet connection.

Automating the background tasks makes sure that all of your investors are onboarded smoothly and with minimal effort on your end - allowing you to focus on what's important. Remember all of those KYC checks, legal drafts and governance docs? We're on it.

Let There be Light

Transparency is your investors' friend. We offer multiple, easy-to-understand methods of sharing data and updates to your investors - allowing them to sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge that they have the full picture.

With our platform it's possible to keep your investors in the loop, on your terms; easily customising the level and means of communication to fit your needs.

Thanks to our in-house fund administrators, you can rest assured that your understanding of your fund's performance is as clear as it gets.

What's Up?

Got a problem, question, or just need a shoulder to lean on? While we may struggle to help with the latter, we're available to talk through your preferred medium.

We're here to answer whatever questions you may have about your fund.

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