Next-Gen Fund Services

We serve at the intersection of finance, technology and law, empowering emerging fund managers with affordable and easier than ever fund formation and administration services. By reimagining fund services from first principles and developing the fund services platform entirely in-house, Vauban is able to innovate and implement features specific and unique to the next generation of alternative investment funds.

Online Fund Structuring with Instant Ignition

Kick-start the fund’s set-up process by starting off with a number of pre-sets and tailor the terms of your fund in accordance with your vision. Any action taken on Vauban’s dashboard is legally-valid and will be reflected in real life in the necessary registers and legal documents.

For example, the tool below lets you specify the terms of each class from a laptop. We’ll forge the share classes in the offering and constitutional documents and reflect it in the registry if needed.

Blazing Fast Investors' Onboarding

Accessible from any browser, the Vauban Dashboard has been engineered with the latest technologies to be a seamless, digital experience. It will be easier than ever for your investors to subscribe to your fund and for you to efficiently manage their subscriptions.

Digital Legal and Governance Swiss Knife

Contracts, legal agreements and board resolutions can be generated from our templates and digitally signed and executed by all parties on the dashboard. Choose from a selection of our templates or upload your own and digitally sign and execute in accordance with EU eIDAS Electronic Signature Law.

Accurate Real-Time Intelligence

Investors can keep track of the fund's performance via the dedicated reporting module. Charts and headline statistics are generated programmatically and can be viewed in a single consolidated view. 

Investors can view their own balance on a day-by-day basis, with details such as the aggregate value of the shares of the fund, subscription & redemption amount and the summarised details of the various share classes owned by the investors.

Security & Compliance First

The Vauban Dashboard is a secure access environment, safeguarding performance information, investors' details and the fund documentation.

A granular roles-based permissions system ensures that each user is only able to view content and access modules in the Vauban Dashboard that they have been granted permission for. Additional permissions can be granted to a role group or a particular user, on a function-by-function basis.

The Fund's compliance team, the Fund Administrator and the Fund Auditor can use the Audit & Access Log module to conduct audits, track user activity, review the access permissions policy and ensure that the Fund remains compliant.