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Introducing DRY POWDER — The all-new, all-natural meal (and doubt) replacement shake on the lips of EVERY elite venture capitalists everywhere, from Sand Hill Road to Shoreditch. The secret is out. Investing with your gut is clinically proven to enhance carry and give VCs a superior edge in one of the most competitive sports in finance: startup investing. DRY POWDER is a unique blend of organically sourced chocolate and rare natural ingredients carefully chosen for their conviction-boosting and stress-reducing properties. Formulated for the unique gut biome conditions of today’s Venture Capitalists, mix this shake into your morning ritual to enhance trusting your gut and avoid costly mistakes. Gut health governs everything from digestion and weight to energy and immunity. DRY POWDER goes one step further by giving VCs the foundation to be top tier quartile investors, win the hottest deals and invest with their gut.
More on this dream, the genesis of the DRY POWDER Shake for VCs, and a few disclaimers here.