We are engineering the investment vehicles of the future

Our goal is to make alternative investing faster, easier and more accessible by revolutionising its very essence: Investment entities.

Vauban is lowering the barriers by removing the absurd cost and complexity of creating and maintaining these by creating its digital version: Wealth Containers.

We believe this will fundamentally transform the alternative investment landscape.


A Wealth Container is the digital version of an asset-holding legal entity. The building you are in and the IP you are using to view our website, as well as most things of substantial value, will be held in Wealth Containers. Funds, SPVs, REIT, Syndicates, SPEs, Trusts and Holdings are all Wealth Containers.


Vauban is a Wealth Container platform.
Currently, investment entities are literally be mountains of paper on shelves, or wax sealed envelopes stuffed in filing cabinets. They’re complicated to set up and expensive to maintain. Until now.


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