What the Vauban Acquisition by Carta Means For You

The Top 6 Benefits you get from Vauban's acquisition by Carta

As you may know we joined Carta last month. A huge decision for us. While well thought through, the decision was still very emotional.

But one month in, I am more convinced than ever that it was the right decision.The value we can provide to you with Carta is exponentially larger than we’d have done on our own. I had the chance to speak with a lot of our clients about the consequences of this transaction, and with that in mind, I decided to write a snappy recap of what it means for you.

1. Enhanced Stability

Carta is the largest, most well-diversified financial infrastructure fintech company. This means you are dealing with a partner that is here to support you from fundraising to exit. You don’t have to worry about your VC-backed administrator running out of cash.

2. Enhanced Credibility

Carta’s name is well-known by LPs - just ask them! You can focus on selling them great investment opportunities instead of selling them on your administrator.

3. Lifecycle Support

Combining the Vauban & Carta suite of products, we have the platform to support you from raising your first syndicate to operating a $1bn fund. We are also the only platform built for global deals. With the recent addition of European funds and SPVs, and US Delaware SPVs  we have further expanded our jurisdictions for global deal making and accommodating LPs from around the world. These new products form part of our accelerated product roadmap, contributing to our ambition to become the definitive all-in-one platform for professional investors.

4. Enhanced Publicity

We've always had a low marketing spend at Vauban. Instead, we focused on building the best product alongside the best customer service.The only significant marketing expenditure we had was to amplify & support our clients. We helped them build their brand  and grow their VC business.  We call it the 'Nike strategy'. We sponsor and work with partners in the VC ecosystem to let our clients shine as thought leaders; speaking on stage at the top conferences, participating in podcasts, and starring in webinars.

Now that we are part of Carta, we’ll continue to do this but on a much larger scale, offering you and your business the visibility you need to grow and build a reputable venture firm. Get in touch if you'd like to join us on stage or have your business featured.

5. Same Great Team with exceptional service …

Ulric, all of our great team and I are staying for the long term.

6. … Supported by the largest VC admin team in the world‍

Carta’s expertise in venture administration is unparalleled; over 60% of venture capital firms in America use Carta, totalling $100B in capital. This comes with the best VC admin team in the world, 200 fund accountants strong.

Rémy Astié

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