Announcing our merger with Carta

Every so often in a start up’s journey there comes pivotal moments that can redefine its' impact on the world.

We had such a moment when we pioneered the first UK SPV product. It put us on a path to become the de facto home for venture capital in Europe.

Since then, our mission of making launching venture firms as easy as ordering a book on Amazon has never faltered. We launched SPV in 5 minutes last week - so that our clients can focus on deploying capital and let us deal with all of the rest.

What has amazed us is the degree of trust our clients have had in us from their first SPV to their first fund and beyond. But to realise our clients’ ambitions we needed to bridge the gap from a £20M deal to a billion dollar fund. We needed more infrastructure, depth of features and a lot more talented people.

Enter: Carta

In the midst of a funding round, we got approached by one of the powerhouses of private markets - Carta - and all the pieces suddenly came together. By joining forces we are able to support the full spectrum of our clients’ needs without compromising on our insatiable need to making markets efficient and accessible.

We are therefore excited to announce that as of 1 July 2022, Vauban became part of the Carta family. We are Carta’s home in Europe, and together we will continue to help founders, venture capital firms and investors experience private markets in a way befitting the digital world we live in.

What lies ahead

The VC markets have had a turbulent time over the last few months, and although this process started well before these events, this union makes even more sense as it means we can grow sustainably whilst delivering global coverage and higher quality services.

We want to assure you that we all here to stay as are all the amazing team we have built over the last few years, including Bryan Cheung, Cyril Pluche, Antonis Manogiannakis, Luke Birch, Ben Morgan, Martijn van Schendel, Arik Oslerne and others.

We firmly believe that VC is not just an asset class, it is the future of the world. We are here for the exponential and we’re glad to continue the journey with all of you.


Remy Astie & Ulric Musset

Rémy Astié

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