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Vauban Deals is live on ProductHunt!

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The number of amazing products that we’ve found on ProductHunt is insane, and we’re super excited to be joining the list. Come over to our product page right now to show your support. 

You’ll get a chance to talk to us throughout launch day, share your experience of using Vauban, and have your say in what you want us to build next!

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We’re super excited launch Vauban Deals today, a solution to make venture capital even easier and more accessible to all. 

Investing into a startup can be extremely expensive and time consuming. It’s also too complicated. SPV vs. Fund? How to stay compliant? Where to start?  This is part of the reason that VC has only  been available to the select few. But why can’t every day founders or tech enthusiasts get involved? 

Introducing  Vauban Deals: an easy solution to launch and manage SPVs to invest in the next generation founders & start ups.

1) Vauban SPVs allow you to fuel the companies you’re passionate about in minutes. Don’t have enough capital to meet the investment minimum or want to diversify across multiple startups? In a few clicks, you can pool capital with your network to increase your impact and secure allocation. 

2) Invest Together. Win Together. Sharing your deal flow is also a great way to expand your network and build your venture track record. 

So what’s  new with Vauban Deals?

Vauban Deals is a relaunch of our suite of SPV solutions with new features. Your swiss army knife for deal-by- deal venture investing and global dealmaking. Recent product improvements include: 

  • A mobile App for LPs- Apple/ Google Expedite your fundraise and keep your co-investors up to date with our mobile app
  • Relaunch of our US Delaware SPV A syndicate solution for angels & VCs and open to non-US LPs
  • Atom SPV (UK + EU investors) SPVs for angels with deals under $200K 

The Vauban  platform is designed to cover a wide range of use-cases for angel investors, syndicate leads, and experienced VCs — whether that be running your first angel syndicate or managing a $10 million fund.

We are happy to chat and we’d love your feedback. Together, we can make equity ownership accessible to everyone.

Andre Lopez