The VC 'strip off' - 5 VCs unveil their fundraising decks

The lesser-spotted VC deck

If it’s easy to find inspiring startup pitch decks online, VC decks are like gold dust.

Whether you are raising your first VC fund or you are curious to discover the other side of the table (yes, VCs have to raise money too!), we’ll go through a couple of (courageous) VCs that decided to share their deck publicly.

Seedcamp Fund V

A Pretty cool deck. Interestingly, and more than the other pitch decks in this article, they put a lot of emphasis on the value they add to the startups they support.

Surge Ventures

50m fund, focus on seed investments in energy. There is a great article about their fundraising journey and how they pivoted from an accelerator model to a VC here:

Alpha Bridge Ventures

Just as the VC's startup deck review you can find online, one LP commented on the Alpha BridgeVentures deck. Pretty fascinating to read!

check out the commentary here:

Notation Capital

Interesting to see the evolution from fund 1 to fund 2. You can read more about their fundraising experience here:

Fund 1:

Fund 2:

Silicon Roundabout Ventures

Another great LP deck review. The key message is:

What LPs really care about is what makes you and your strategy special (and why) – everything else is secondary.

You can can read it here.

Scoring on the pitch

While lots of attention goes towards startup' decks as they vie for VC funding, those very VCs can have as much of a rough time finding that capital themselves.

As startups brazenly display their decks on the web, VCs are usually more opaque over revealing their strategy and claims to competitive advantage.

They face a different challenge to convince investors of their prowess in finding the best deals, and their approach regarding stage, sectors and geographies.

Have any experiences raising capital for your fund that you want to share?

Let us know!

Ulric Musset

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