Unlocking Luxembourg SPVs for Venture Capital

Introducing Luxembourg SPVs

Vauban has grown to become the de facto home of SPVs in Europe. Joining Carta has accelerated our ability to support VCs across the full lifecycle: from starting your first syndicate to managing a global $1bn fund. 

Introducing Luxembourg SPVs. Our LUX SPV platform is designed for established VC managers and family offices in the EU that seek the nimble structure of SPVs but require the Rolls Royce of domiciles for their LPs. 

While Luxembourg certainly needs no introduction, the barriers to entry have historically been high. With the time needed to set up vehicles measured in months, the legal and accounting fees add up fast. Previously, this would have been considered the cost of doing business in the Grand Duchy, with costs as high as $300K to create an SPV– not anymore. 

Our new premium SPV platform for European investors can be set up in a few days and at a tenth of the cost. Bringing an end-to-end digital solution to Luxembourg reduces the cumbersome leg-work of launching SPVs and allows Venture Capitalists to offer a best-in-class online experience for their investors. We offer full institutional-grade support with personal white glove service to accompany your vehicle from start to finish.

The Global Platform

One platform, multiple jurisdictions. Luxembourg is the latest addition to our global suite of SPV domiciles alongside the UK, US Delaware, and British Virgin Islands.

Supported by Carta, the largest fintech infrastructure company in the world with the VC administration team to match, Vauban is your long-term solution to spinning up SPVs globally.

Trusted by LPs

Luxembourg is the gold-standard of regulatory environments within Europe. Under the watchful eye of one of the most respected regulators in the world, Luxembourg combines a stable economy with a highly developed investment toolbox, making it a trusted and preferred destination for LPs. 

If offering the jurisdiction LPs want, why not offer them the platform they want? 

Vauban from Carta SPVs provide everything LPs are increasingly asking for: a trusted and respected name, offering a superior LP experience defined by a seamless digital service. Launching an SPV with Vauban offers peace of mind to your LPs: it’s the guarantee that we’ll be here with you until exit. 

Unlocking SPVs in Europe

Our Luxembourg SPV platform is built as a flexible co-investment vehicle to:

  • Invest on a deal-by deal basis 

Never miss an opportunity with SPVs for one-off single deals. 

  • Double down on winners

 If your fund identifies a winning company in the portfolio, use a follow-on SPV to supercharge returns for your LPs. 

  • Opportunities outside of your fund thesis 

Have a portfolio company performing extremely well, but it fits outside your fund’s investment thesis? Use an SPV to make the deal.  

  • Flexible capital to support your portfolio companies 

SPVs are an exceptional solution to providing flexible funding to portfolio companies in interim stages or to quickly react to macroeconomic conditions.

Maria Konovalova