DRY POWDER: The 100X Shake


San Francisco, CA April 1, 2023— Introducing DRY POWDER- The all-new, all-natural meal (and doubt) replacement  on the lips of elite venture capitalists everywhere, from Sand Hill Road to Shoreditch.

For venture capitalists, success is all about making the right investment decision when it counts. But with so many factors to consider and so much uncertainty in the market, it can be hard to know which opportunities are the next OpenAI, Uber —or the next Theranos. That's why the teams at Vauban from Carta and Supergut have spent the last five years developing DRY POWDER, a Supergut health shake that alleges pairing high quality investment decisions with highly honed gut instincts.

The importance of gut health is a trend taking the world by storm, as it governs everything from digestion and weight to energy and immunity. DRY POWDER goes one step further by giving VCs the foundation to be top tier quartile investors, win the hottest deals and invest with their gut.

Prof Bryan Cheong, a leading Gastroenterologist from the University of Palo Alto—and the brains behind DRY POWDER—explains: “Solving the unique gut health issues facing VCs has been the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. Everyone knows that Trusting in your gut has a very high correlation to good dealmaking,” he says , “and releasing it in today’s market means we can meet the needs of many VCs trying to make healthier decisions.”

In a hypothetical placebo-controlled double blind clinical trial, Supergut’s new product reduced potential down rounds in portfolio companies by an average of 25% quarter-on-quarter and increased decision making conviction by an outstanding 110% over a period of 12 weeks. Supergut reports significant improvements in other wellness indicators in their existing products  including energy, sleep, digestive health, and controlling blood sugar. 

Beyond the clinical trials, VCs beta testing the product as part of their daily routine  have self-reported gaining an edge on their competition, increasing their investment conviction, a reduction in gut checking their every move, a boost in morale, curbing bad deal making and a sharp increase in carry.

As Arik Oslerne, Senior Director at Vauban, adds “The Vauban from Carta platform is designed to give VC and angel investors an edge but we thought, how can we give our customers an extra boost? We have been watching the gut health startup industry with keen interest and were delighted when Supergut, a Carta portfolio company, agreed to formulate a shake engineered specifically for venture investors.” 

Supergut founder, Marc Washington, further added, “a healthy mind, body, and gut are crucial to managing a healthy venture portfolio. Influencing everything from digestion and metabolism to immunity and sleep, gut health is the key to whole-body health.”

By supporting balanced gut health, this powerful shake helps VCs stay calm and confident, even in the face of market volatility and uncertainty. With DRY POWDER, venture capitalists can trust their gut to gain an edge and stay ahead of the competition. If you're a VC looking to maximize your returns and reduce your risk of costly mistakes, try DRY POWDER today. Visit our website to learn more and order your supply while stocks last.

Supergut is the leading evidence-based nutrition company on a mission to create a healthier world with delicious and convenient functional foods based on the science of the gut microbiome. Packed with prebiotic plant fibers, our Shakes, Bars, and Fiber Mix are clinically-proven to boost gut health and all that comes with it—from regulating digestion, appetite, and weight, to boosting energy, immunity, and sleep. With over 3 million products sold, it's easy to see why so many trust their gut with Supergut.

Vauban from Carta  is the easiest way to launch & run your venture investing. We offer SPVs, co-investment and fund vehicles for GPs at all stages of the journey - from your first syndicate to operating a billion-dollar venture fund. Our end-to-end platform automates your back-office and manual workflows so you can focus on what matters: finding the next unicorn & building investor relationships. 


Vauban and SuperGut believe strongly in gut health, but sadly there isn’t any scientific correlation (to date!) of gut health impacting investing decisions! We hope you enjoy our April’s Fools and hope you share it with your friends! But in case it wasn't clear, our lawyers wanted us to flag that we are not intending to create any form of legal relationship, nor intending to give legal or any type of professional advice (including on gut health!), or making a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security.

Arik Oslerne

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