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Move your fundsSPVs to the largest financial infrastructure provider.

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Easy migration
We take care of the full migration of your Master LLC & Series LLC vehicles.
Security and stability
Securely transfer all of your SPV and investor data to Vauban. We don't monetise your data or market investments to your LPs.

Provide continuity and stability for your investors with the knowledge that we'll be here to support you until exit.
Full administration
Receive full-scope admin services including 1065, K-1s, and disbursements on exit.
What deals can we administer?
Single asset deals that have invested in C-corps. We’ll file the extension if needed so all tax returns are done on time.

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Request your SPV documents and investor information from your administrator. We'll onboard your investors and start the migration process.


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View and manage your previous deals in the Vauban dashboard.

We take care of the lifetime administration of your vehicles, financial statements & tax filings. 


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Set up your new SPVs under our Master vehicle.

Our platform guides you through fund setup, closing, and management so you can focus on making great investments.

We've got everything sorted in a beautiful, fully‑integrated platform.

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