Club deals made easy

Syndicate is your private investment club to share deals with your network and invite them to invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

A seamless co‑investment solution

Whether you want to offer direct investment opportunities to your clients, join forces with another sponsor or catch those secondaries, Syndicate lets you pool capital in a few clicks.

Plug-in your AIFM and start deploying capital in clicks.

Invest the agile way

Reach new heights by leveraging your deal‑by‑deal and follow-on opportunities with SPVs
Give your clients what they want
HNW and Institutional investors increasingly want more direct investments opportunities over funds and structured products. Offer them these opportunities in a seamless way to gain their loyalty.
Supercharge your returns
Syndicate lets you charge a carried interest on every deal, along with a myriad of other waterfall mechanics.
Invest larger amounts by joining forces
Direct investments are the perfect opportunity to collaborate, engage your network and grow your community while significantly increasing your AUM.
Funds & syndicates
Investors onboarded

What your journey will look like


Share your deal-flow

Share information about the opportunity, tailor your investment terms and update SPV documents in real time.


Push the opportunities to your network

Your network is notified when you add a deal and can commit in a few clicks. Raise more and raise faster.


Track your fundraising and collect payments

Get the cash to your portfolio company in days with a fully‑digital, quick and convenient investor subscription process.


Monitor your performances

Once a deal is closed you can monitor the performance of all the investments on the platform.

You'll be in good company

Leading investors are using Vauban to raise & deploy capital.

Configurable investment entities

Syndicate is powered by Wealth Containers: SPVs without the headache

How can you use Syndicate?

Learn more about the use cases of Syndicate from our Enablers.
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Syndicate – a new way to co‑invest

Taking advantage of your follow‑ons has never been so easy

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