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We’re hiring the best product, engineering, legal & banking professionals, and offer them a fast-paced, highly rewarding environment to thrive in.

We hire less than 3% of the profiles we review, but once in we put the full weight of the company behind each individual to make sure they thrive and that their career progression is as fast possible.

We have a highly meritocratic culture and our recruitment process is built to remove as much bias as possible, so feel free to apply even if you haven't been to the best university or worked for the most prestigious firms before.

This is us

How we work

Polymath - Vauban is an end-to-end product that has a lot of expertise behind it: engineering, legal, finance and design. But it’s perfectly integrated.
Courage - We undertake stark missions and bold strategic moves that most find crazy, and we fight courageously to make them happen.
Pioneer – Traditional players in our industry offer extremely poor user experiences because it is full of assumptions used as excuses to remain in the past. We think from first principles and debunk myths, doing things in a way that has never been done before.
110% - We work hard and smart

Open Positions

What makes us smile?

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How we relax



We live, breath, work and celebrate as a team. Therefore, when not busy building the financial infrastructure of the future, you will regularly find us out for dinners or at one of our infamous quarterly 'Gatsby style' parties. Around 25% of hires came referred by a Vaubaners

Open Positions

How we hire

Our 4 stage process

We believe in meritocracy above all else. This means that we apply fair and structured hiring practices to ensure that the most talented candidates join our ranks.


Intro Call

After reviewing applications, successful candidates will be invited for an introductory call.



Candidates will be asked to complete a  skills assessment, either on site or at home.


Interview 1

We invite successful candidates for a technical interview with two of our ‘Vaubaners’.


Interview 2

Finally, we’ll invite you for a culture interview with our founders or leadership team to get the vibe of Vauban.

Our Story



Ulric & Rémy

Vauban was founded by Remy Astie and Ulric Musset with a passion to democratise the way capital was deployed into startups.

Since the very first deal in 2018. They have helped investors funding $1bn in companies such as Airbnb, SpaceX, Tide and many more.

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