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Our goal is to make startups investing faster, easier and more accessible by building the infrastructure needed to deploy capital.

We believe this will fundamentally transform the venture capital landscape.

We have been helping investors funding $700m in companies such as Airbnb, SpaceX, Tide and many more. We are not stopping there - we are on a mission to democratise private investment and unlock trillions in capital.

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Life at Vauban

How we hire

We believe strongly in meritocracy above all else. This means that we apply fair and structured hiring practices to ensure that the most talented candidates join our ranks. For instance, we remove your personal details in the application process to reduce unconscious bias (also known as Blind Hiring).

How we work

Changing the alternatives investments world isn't easy, and it sometimes means intensive work and seemingly-impossible goals. Yet we are all Pioneers in the use of unconventional methods, with the Courage to tackle systematic legacy to re-write the future of alternative investments. We must master versatile areas of expertise as Polymaths of the 21st Century, and always aim to deliver 110% to achieve exceptional results.

How we relax

We live, breathe and celebrate as a team - therefore when we are not busy changing the alternative investments world, we regularly go out for dinners and even enjoy the odd gaming night once in a while (although not mandatory!)

Our Story

Vauban was founded by Remy Astie and Ulric Musset with a passion to democratise the way capital was deployed into startups.

Since the very first deal in 2018. They have helped investors funding $700m in companies such as Airbnb, SpaceX, Tide and many more.

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