We are engineering the investment vehicles of the future.

Our goal is to make alternative investing faster, easier and more accessible by revolutionising its very essence: Wealth Containers.

Vauban is lowering the barriers by removing the absurd cost and complexity of creating and maintaining Wealth Containers.

We believe this will fundamentally transform the alternative investment landscape.


At Vauban, a Wealth Container is what we call an asset-holding legal entity. The building you are in and the IP you are using to view our website, as well as most things of substantial value, are held in Wealth Containers. Funds, SPVs, REIT, Syndicates, SPEs, Trusts and Holdings are all Wealth Containers.


Vauban is a Wealth Container platform.
Currently, Wealth Containers can literally be mountains of paper on shelves, or wax sealed envelopes stuffed in filing cabinets. They’re complicated to set up and expensive to maintain. Until now.

How are you doing it?

It’s specialised software (obviously!).  We’ve interrogated the cost and complexity from every angle and built a platform that integrates all the services a deal maker needs under one roof. This includes rapid automatic legal document generation, the live maintenance of registers, a digital boardroom, and much more.

Meet our dedicated crew

Rémy Astié
Founder & CEO
Ulric Musset
Founder & COO
Arik Oslerne
Chief of Staff
Gregory-Henry Marbot
Head of Structuring
Bryan Cheung
VP Structuring
Antonis Manogiannakis
Head of Fund Services
Raymond Biu
Compliance Officer
Timi Fasehun
Fund Associate
Maria Vargatu
Fund Associate
Martin van Schendel
Luke Birch
Cyril Pluche
Guillaume Bouchet
Software Engineer
Anissa Lamhaouar
Software Engineer
Dave Clark
Software Engineer
Ben Morgan

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