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Vauban is a fund architect and administrator that lets you start and run your funds and SPVs from your laptop.

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What fund managers say

"We have found Vauban's fund service platform extremely easy to use and perfect for the current digital age where clients & team members are located globally. Additionally, Vauban's client support team was extremely helpful throughout our onboarding process."

Cham Ho & Alan Ho
Fund managers at Unikorn Capital

"We're very happy to have worked with VAUBAN from day one for our fund creation. The onboarding process via the VAUBAN Dashboard was very easy and they kept us informed at every step of the way. They have been a tremendous help for both the investors and the investment manager."

Martin Planès
Fund Manager at Tanuki Capital, FX Systematic Arbitrage Fund

"Vauban is since day one not only a perfect service provider but also a reliable partner. Their hardworking team has been always keen to advise us. Client support is extremely responsive with real added value. It's a real pleasure to work with them."

Loan Venkatapen
Fund Manager at Blocklabs, Systematic Trading Fund

"Vauban is a modern fund administrator providing great tech solutions for fund administration, such as their streamlined administration dashboard.
We had a great experience working with them, and their online platform helped to quickly define our quant fund. The team is very professional and efficient, and working with Vauban has been a great pleasure."

Stefan Jacholke
CEO at Invariance Capital, Sakura Volatility Fund. Sakura Fund is an quantitative hedge fund that obtains active return by trading stock market volatility, complemented with long-term tactical asset allocation.

"We love working with the Vauban team. They are professional, go out of their way to help us find the right path forward, and overall deliver exceptional value for money."

Alexander Friedberg
Director at Block by Block Capital Fund I Ltd

"I really enjoyed working with Vauban who provided me with some extremely helpful insights and help on how to set up our fund. They were always ready to go further into helping us and I immediately trusted them. Would recommend"

Neil Saada
Director at Magellan Capital