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  US Investors Module (Master/Feeder)$22,000
To accept US investors, while remaining legally-compliant and tax-efficient, we will set up a dual feeder structure with one in Delaware and the other in Caymans Islands or British Virgin Islands.

  Do you need a bank account opening service?$3,000
We can help you with a bank account opening process in different jurisdictions. Fees will be capped and transparent, provided all documents for KYC are provided.

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What fund managers say

"We love working with the Vauban team. They are professional, go out of their way to help us find the right path forward, and overall deliver exceptional value for money."

Alexander Friedberg
Director at Block by Block Capital Fund I Ltd

"After evaluating multiple specialists I put my trust into Vauban. I really appreciate the work you guys have done. You are very efficient and well organised and an absolute joy to work with. Many thanks for taking on my project to help me launch a specialist credit/equity fund ahead of schedule.”

Timo Strattner
Director at TBS ClearWater Equities Fund Limited

"I really enjoyed working with Vauban who provided me with some extremely helpful insights and help on how to set up our fund. They were always ready to go further into helping us and I immediately trusted them. Would recommend"

Neil Saada
Director at Magellan Capital